Drop - In Tournaments

Wednesday at 7pm 8-Ball, Held Saturdays at NOON until April 2018

Double elimination (final 1 race)

Entry $7, (incl. greens fee)

7pm Sharp

20 or more players, money added, Including the "Wild Card Match" anyone could win this one

To keep time frames viable, any player not at the table ready to play within one minute forfeits one game every 5 minutes.


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Cue's Tournament Play Standard

All entrants must be present at the time of the "Draw" for each tournament. For "fun" tournaments, as we try to accommodate a fun casual atmosphere, and include everyone, we will allow phone-ins up to the draw time if you are running late. This should be done on an emergency basis only. Please be respectful of the other players which were able to arrive on time, if you must phone-in try to be on time or as close as is possible. To be fair to the other players and to keep the time line of the tournaments manageable fifteen minutes grace will be granted if a player calls before the draw time, after that the late player forfeits one game for every five minutes late beyond that at 20minutes late the attending player is awarded the first game and so on until the attending player advances and the late player looses that match, and another game every five minutes after the next match is called until a tournament forfeit is declared. At any time during a tournament it is the players responsibility to be at the table and ready to play when their match is called. After a match is called a player not at the table shooting looses one game for every five minutes until play commences. To assist in planning your time we will as much as possible communicate when your next match may commence, but this should only be considered an approximate guideline. Slow play, for our tournament we desire to offer a learning and fun environment, we allow an average of 10 minutes per 8-ball game and 7-minute per 9-ball game. On request of an opponent, other player or the tournament director, the tournament director may issue a warning, and subsequent penalties as the director sees fit. You are also asked to be respectful of other players and pool table customers and to help keep the tables clean by not storing your cue cases or jackets on the pool tables, all tables unused by the tournament are available for rent to the public. Tim or staff has the full right to forfeit any players spot and fees for matters of disrespect to the Venue, Liquor License or other players & guests.

Tim Scott

**NEW** Wednesdays

All matches have a 1hr Cap Lead Wins at 1 hr. Tournament Ends at Midnight, Lead wins that Match, all other remaining players split remainder of prize pool equally.