CIHL – 2018/2019 Session

This league is capped at 10 teams. Returning teams with 2 original players will be given priority but must register the team prior to September 17, 2017, submitted in writing to Cue’s front counter or via email to, with as many names as you have confirmed. Other team will be accepted up until September 23 on a 1st come basis. Fees will be collected on the first night of play.

9-Ball, 3 man teams. Teams may have as many players as 6 however care should be taken scheduling players to ensure players who need to qualify for tournaments do. If playing Monday night this may not be a concern. NIGHTS from Monday and Wednesday do not combine to count as weeks played. You must qualify in one or the other.  

Teams must have sufficient players and be committed to play out the entire session; Sep 26 – Mar 27. (This year the entire 24 weeks will be 1 session, but will be broken into 2 semesters). Team which fail to meet this requirement WILL NOT qualify for events (BCAPL or CCS). See Code of Conduct. If your team has a player which cannot play all the nights please ensure you have enough players on your team to fill out the weeks.

Wednesday night’s play to start at 7pm SHARP! 24 weeks Sep 26 – Mar 27. No play on the week of the CCS Tournament or Halloween.

Tables will be prescheduled

$40 x 2 / player ($80 for both semesters) Greens Fees/Administration Fees must be paid prior to play for each semester (Sep 26, Jan 2). A player does not have to play in both semesters but teams must ensure they have enough players for the entire 2017/2018 session. 

$40 / player Annual Membership fees (BCAPL & CCS) must be paid either to the Monday SOPL league according to their process or to Cue’s by the start of play on the 1st night of play (Oct 4, 2017). All membership fees will be submitted to SOPL for registrations with CCS & BCAPL.

No split nights/Games, All players which start play on a night must complete all required games that night, subbing mid-night/mid-match is not permitted.

Make up games, Subs – where ever possible matches should be played as scheduled. If your team does not have enough players available a spare maybe drawn using any SOPL sanctioned player in good standing. For Wednesday’s sub players play with their handicap. If drawing from a player from Monday a conversion maybe required. If it is necessary to reschedule the match it must be played within 6 days, either before or after (12 day window) if for some reason the stats are not updated by the time of play, fill in the scores but do not complete the remainder of the score card, to be scored later. If it is necessary to play a make-up remember to check with Cue’s about availability and reserve the table!!

Score Keeping

A Score Keeper is required by both teams while a game is in play.

Each ball legally pockets is recorded on separate paper for the player shooting

9-ball on the break is spotted but is worth 2 points, play continues, all other BCA rules apply

The player legally sinking the 9-ball on any shot following the break wins and scores 9 points for the win (and 2 if that player also sunk the 9 on the break). A true nine ball table run from first approach is recorded by circling the score on the score sheet for that game. 9-ball break does not count for this. No Coaching – feedback to a player can happen after a game is complete.

The opponent scores 1 point for each ball legally pocketed (plus 2 if the player also sunk the 9-ball on the break).

All players and guests of a team must abide by the Cue’s “League Rules & Code of Conduct.”